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Natural Elegance for Home & Garden!

Meet our Natural Moss Collection.


A Different Style for Each Occasion!

SuperMoss Decorative Baskets are a cute way to organize both indoor & outdoor floral arrangements or centerpieces.

Birdsand Bees

Beneficial for Home & Organic Gardening!

Your Pollinators and Beneficial friends need a home in your garden.


A Natural Wreath for Every Season!

Elevate your home and garden with elegant wreaths! SuperMoss Wreaths especially look great on doors, in windows, or as a table centerpiece. Add fresh or silk floral, natural botanicals, and seasonal décor to make a wonderful centerpiece.

How to Craft Your Own Living Wreath — new on the blog! Head over to the link in our bio to see how to make yours 🌸🌿🌻
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Watch how watercolor artist @originalizzie uses reindeer mosses to animate this creation🌿✨🍃

Keep tagging us in your creations — your stories continue to inspire us everyday ✨ 

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Freshen up your space with a couple mounted epiphytes 🌿🌴🍃

It’s the perfect decorating solution for smaller spaces! ✨
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Give your plants some extra support!🌿

Mossy Stake (12 in): Your plant’s aerial roots will latch onto the mossy surface & start growing upwards as it reaches for the sun — ultimately leading to larger & stronger leaves☀️

Orchid Clips: Use our Butterfly Clips to secure the vines!🦋
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A little before + after for your feed✨🌷😄
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See How to Clean Moss Art 

with this Moss Diva 👑🍃🌿🌬
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Here’s to the weekend 🥂🌿🍃

Make it a super one 😉

🌿@freestateflora (The Moss Makers)
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Give your plant babies a little extra support with the trusty Mossy Stake 🌿🍃💚 

Follow @mothermoonshine for plant hacks & styling tips 
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Some nature-inspired art for your feed! 


Follow our girl @bluesunthreads  for more
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3 Myths About Moss ✨
featuring this Mossy Queen @_omgrown_ 🌿

1. It will die if you don’t water it – nope! No need to water preserved mosses. They are no longer living & do not require the same watering routine as live plants 🚫🚿🍃

2. It needs sunlight to survive – wrong! Preserved plants don’t need sunlight. Lucky for you if you have trouble keeping plants alive! 😉We actually recommend keeping our moss out of harsh sunlight, to preserve its color. ☁️🌤☁️

3. Harvesting moss is bad for the environment – Well, not when extra measures are taken to ensure it grows back. Patches of moss are left behind, so they are able to reseed and recover following the harvest. All our mosses are harvested in forests with permits only. 🌲

Have any questions about preserved moss? Drop it in the comments, don’t be shy ☺️


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Watch how our friends at @plantdepotsjc decorated our Plantable Birdhouses 🌸🌿🐦🤩
#supermoss #succulents #birdhouses #birdhousesofinstagram #summergarden #gardendesign #gardeninspiration
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Behind the scenes with our creative team✨📸✨

#behindthescenes #photoshoot #mossart #myhomemystyle #homedecor #wallart #interioraddict #interiorstyle #simplystyleyourspace #interiordesigner #wallart
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Do your plants need a little makeover?

Try adding our Sheet Moss to the base of your potted plant for an instant glow up! ✨🪴✨

📸: @plantish.lasvegas 


 #supermoss #createsupermoss #biophilicdesign #moss #mossmonday #indoorplants #plantladies #houseplants #houseplantjungle #livingwithplants #myplantaesthetic #plantlover #plantstyling #fiddleleaffigtree #ficuslyrata #preservedmoss
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Watch the talented ladies from @freestateflora make this Moss Wall come to life! 🤩🌿🌱


#mosswall #mossdesigner #moss #preservedmoss #mossart #neonlights #behindthescenes #artistsupport #diy
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Happy #mossmonday from this breathtaking mossy forest in the 
Pacific Northwest 

Nature is truly inspiring — stay tuned for more mossy content & product releases💭

What landscapes inspired you this year?

📍Sol Duc Falls, Washington, USA 
📸: @karsren116 


#moss #mossyforest #washingtonstate #nature #pacificnorthwest
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Birds love succulents too! 🐦🌱

Follow @terrarium_therapy to learn more about their online & in-person workshops! Perfect way to connect with nature, destress & let your creative juices flow! 


#plantsmakepeoplehappy #succulents #succulentlove #succulove #succulentgarden #birdhouses #workshop #diyproject
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Is your orchid outgrowing its pot? Has it finished it’s bloom cycle? 

If you answered ‘yes’ to both of these questions then it’s probably time to repot!

Here are some tips for repotting Phalaenopsis Orchids, also known as “Phals” or “Moth Orchids”: 

1. Choose Potting Media – Repot in either Fir Bark or Sphagnum Moss, or a mixture of both 

2. Upsize Your Container by 1”– Why? Because orchids prefer their roots to be tightly packed. Potting in too large of a container might send the roots into shock! 

3. Remove All Old Potting Media – Make sure the orchid’s roots are bare before you repot! You can wash out any leftover media with water, if needed! 

4. Remove Dead or Dying Leaves – We recommend cutting off any leaves or roots that are not 100% healthy. Be sure to use sterilized gardening shears when you do so. 

5. Water! – Water orchid with filtered water and let drain for 5 to 10 minutes 

6. Add MOSS – In true SuperMoss fashion, top off with our Preserved Moss — Sheet Moss, Spanish Moss, Forest Moss all work great for orchids! 

Have a question about orchid repotting? Drop it in the comments — we are happy to help!

#orchidlover #orchidflower #orchidsofinstagram #phalaenopsisorchid #phalaenopsis #orchidcare #orchidbark #repottingorchids #planthacks #planttiptuesday #supermoss
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