Horticultural Activated Charcoal, 1 Qt

Horticultural Activated Charcoal, 1 Qt

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SuperMoss Horticultural Charcoal is made from North American hardwoods. Super Charcoal's highly porous horticultural charcoal helps absorb and retain water and fertilizers. As a result, horticultural charcoal increases the nutrient retention capacity of your garden soil. Additionally, horticultural charcoal promotes drainage and defends against root rot if over watered. Ideal for use in soil amendments, terrariums, and even as a decorative filler for potted plants. Mix with our Potting Soil or Coconut Coir to further elevate your personal soil recipe. For more information about Activated Charcoal's horticultural properties, check out our Complete Guide to Activated Charcoal in Horticulture.


  • Natural & Chemical-Free: 100% Natural with no chemicals or additives, safe for all types of plants
  • Sustainably Sourced: Made from responsibly harvested North American hardwood, ensuring eco-friendly practices
  • Enhances Soil Fertility: Conditions soil by retaining essential fertilizer nutrients, promoting healthy plant growth
  • Improves Aeration & Reduces Compaction: Enhances soil aeration and reduces root compaction in potted plants, ensuring optimal root health
  • Boosts Soil Drainage & Purity: Improves soil drainage and absorbs harmful bacteria, creating a healthier environment for your plants
  • Odor Control: Effectively neutralizes odors, helping to keep your indoor plants and surrounding environment fresh

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