Preserved Eucalyptus Wreath

Preserved Eucalyptus Wreath





This fragrant Preserved Eucalyptus Wreath is hand-crafted and assembled in the U.S.A. The eucalyptus is hand picked from the fields of sunny California where it is naturally grown, dyed, and preserved with natural oils. The wreaths are hand-crafted and arranged beautifully in a perfect circlet on a metal frame. Due to the nature of the product, each wreath is one-of-a-kind and will vary in size and color. The wreath is approximately 18"-20" in diameter and 2"-3" in height. This natural wreath enhances any room with the relaxing and therapeutic scent of eucalyptus. Decorate indoor and covered outdoor spaces with several wreaths for year round enjoyment. This special eucalyptus is offered in Branched Bouquets as well as Wreaths for multi enjoyment throughout your home.
*This is a specialty handmade product. Shipping may take an additional 2 weeks from the order date.


  • Made of REAL Eucalyptus, straight from the sunny fields of California
  • Hand-picked, Preserved, and assembled in the U.S.A.
  • Naturally grown, dyed and Preserved with natural oils
  • Eucalyptus has many uses, from elegant décor to aromatherapy
  • Keep away from humidity and wet areas
  • Due to the natural essence of the product, color & size may vary: 18”-20” Diameter x 3” Height

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Customer Reviews

  1. 5 out of 5

    Very beautiful and so delighted with the quality and natural aroma. I would buy again and recommend to others. It is hard to find a eucalyptus wreath that is not made with harsh chemicals and a heavy white residue so this one is so much appreciated. Thank you SuperMoss!

    Lydia (verified owner)

  2. 5 out of 5

    I love the hanging baskets they are beautiful and they hold up to bad weather wind ,rain and hail too.

    Sally Koepsell

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