The SuperMoss Guide to Moss

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The SuperMoss Guide to Moss

There are so many mosses and so many ways to use them! Because of that, we have created an infographic that explains what our mosses are like, what they are best used for, and a little bit about where they come from. Whether you are crafting, creating a floral arrangement or terrarium, or you are gardening, this guide will help you decide which moss to use.

This guide is a great starting point, but don’t let it get in the way of your imagination! Everyday we are surprised at the ingenuity of our gardeners, crafters, and florists — we can’t believe some of the designs they share with us. So, if you see a way to use SuperMoss that we haven’t thought of yet, then lead the way! Who knows, maybe your project will be next in our showcase?

Let’s get started!

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