Forest Moss Dried

Forest Moss Dried

Forest Moss Dried

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  • 80.75 cu. in.
  • 120 cu. in.
  • 200 cu. in.
  • 480 cu. in.
  • 24 qt.
  • 1,400 cu. in.
  • 1,560 cu. in.
  • 2,590 cu. in.
  • 4,950 cu. in.
  • 12x12x12 in. (Appx. 5 lbs.)
  • Grower Bale (Appx. 20 lbs.)
  • Description


Great above and below the soil! Forest Moss is perfect for a more grassy moss look around plant bases and above soil. Like all of our SuperMosses, it is easy to use and the perfect finishing touch to any floral creation. Availalble in SuperMoss retail packaging or in bulk quantities.


  • Long-lasting Preserved Moss!
  • Beautiful long fibers
  • Washed and Cleaned to Remove Dust and Small Particles
  • Ideal for Covering Soil and Dressing Potted Plants
  • Great for Special Events, Home Decor, and Craft Projects

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