Forest Moss Dried

Forest Moss Dried

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This moss works great above and below the soil! Dried Forest Moss is perfect for a more grassy moss look around plant bases and above the soil. Like all of our SuperMosses, it is easy to use and the perfect finishing touch to any floral creation. Available in SuperMoss retail packaging or in bulk quantities. Smaller sizes are washed and cleaned to remove dust and small particles. Bale quantity comes raw and unprocessed, so expect to find roots and dirt mixed in with the moss. Forest Moss is also available 'Preserved' for a more vibrant, fresh green color.


  • 100% Natural Dried Moss, Harvested Directly from Nature
  • Long-Lasting, Beautiful Long Fibers
  • Ideal or use as Mulch or Soil Covering in Gardens and Dressing Potted Plants
  • Unprocessed Material: Raw and Untreated, Maintaining its Natural Integrity
  • Smaller Sizes are Washed and Cleaned to Remove Dust and Small Particles
  • Bale Quantity comes Raw and Unprocessed, expect to find roots and dirt mixed in with the moss
  • Great for Special Events, Home Decor, and Craft Projects
  • Moss Wall Tip: Use 0.5 lbs of Forest Moss per Square Foot!
    • 1,565 Cu. In. should cover 6 Sq. Ft.  and  4,950 Cu. In. should cover 20 Sq. Ft.

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