Beneficial Bat House, Walnut Stain


Beneficial Bat House, Walnut Stain

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Designed in accordance with International Bat Conservation guidelines, the SuperMoss Bat House attracts bats and requires no maintenance. The house has three large chambers, proper ventilation, thick wood construction, and a water-repellant finish. A single little brown bat can eat over 1,200 garden pests, flies, & mosquitos per hour! Having bats around allows you to rely less on chemical sprays and pesticides. In addition to pest control, bats are important pollinators and a variety of plants rely on bat populations.


  • Eliminate garden and outdoor pests without harmful chemical sprays and pesticides
  • Three large chambers that can accommodate about 100 bats.
  • Constructed with durable hardwood and coated with a water-repellant finish
  • Designed in accordance with international bat conservation guidelines

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Customer Reviews

  1. 5 out of 5

    I love it ! I got it for my sister up in ID on lake. She loves it . Best present I could of got QUALITY! Made great! Nice work. Very happy $ great price. Thank you. Beth

    Beth Maley

    • Beth we’re so happy you like the product and it indeed makes a great gift! if you ever want to share pictures you can tag us on social media @supermoss 🙂

      Sean Bronston-Wilson

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