Feather Moss

Feather Moss

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SuperMoss Feather Moss is long-lasting and can be used for a variety of natural craft ideas and floral arrangements. In addition, SuperMoss Feather Moss is an ideal soil cover and dressing for potted plants.    


  • Long-lasting Preserved Feather Moss!
  • Beautiful shredded sheets of green moss
  • Ideal for Covering Soil and Dressing Potted Plants
  • Great for Special Events, Home Decor, and Craft Projects
  • Non-toxic – Safe for people, pets, and plants
  • Moss Wall Tip: Use 0.5 lbs of Feather Moss per Square Foot!
    • 1,565 Cu. In. should cover 6 Sq. Ft.  and  4,950 Cu. In. should cover 20 Sq. Ft.

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