Fresh-Preserved Eucalyptus Branch Bouquets, XL

Fresh-Preserved Eucalyptus Branch Bouquets, XL

Fresh-Preserved Eucalyptus Branch Bouquets, XL

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These Fresh-Preserved Eucalyptus branch bouquets are straight from the fields of sunny California and are wonderfully fragrant, bringing a natural and relaxing atmosphere to your home. The eucalyptus is naturally grown, hand-picked, dyed, preserved with natural oils, and assembled in the U.S.A. Each bouquet is made with approximately 8 to 11 branches and the height ranges from 24"-28". A natural burlap wrap which is tied and knotted with jute twine accompanies each bouquet. Use the branches to create your own beautiful eucalyptus designs with vases, containers, and other décor items to admire, or use the bouquets just as they are. We offer branch bouquets and wreaths for natural soothing ambiance for any room.


  • Preserved eucalyptus bouquets fresh from the fields of California
  • Hand picked, preserved and assembled in the U.S.A.
  • The branches are naturally grown, dyed and preserved with natural oils
  • Eucalyptus has so many uses from elegant décor to aromatherapy to your own creations.
  • The bouquets are beautifully wrapped in burlap and tied with natural twine.
  • This special eucalyptus is offered in Branched Bouquets and Wreaths for multi enjoyment throughout your home.
  • Due to the natural essence of the product, size & color may vary.  Approximately 8-11 branches, 24″-28″H.
  • Keep away from humidity and wet areas

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