Grapevine Planter Medium 10 in. – 14 in.

Grapevine Planter Medium 10 in. – 14 in.

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The SuperMoss Grapevine Planter is popularly used to create unique Succulents, Orchid, Bromeliads displays. Don't forget to add SuperMoss! We suggest using Mood Moss or Royal Pool Moss and accents of Reindeer Moss. The Grapevine planter makes an excellent centerpiece especially when decorated with mosses and florals.


  • Made from the highest quality, sandblasted grapevine
  • For air plants display, floral, Succulents, Orchid, Bromeliads
  • Use this stunning wood for any setting


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Customer Reviews

  1. 5 out of 5

    I love the variety of products offered and the unique design of the products! I am so excited to experiment with the different mosses and planters offered.

    Nancy Houghton

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