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SuperMoss Sisal is the natural round fiber from the leaves of the Agave succulent. It has a smooth and soft feel, almost like coarse agave silk. Our sisal comes in many vibrant colors. This makes it the perfect material to dress potted plants or as a filler for gift baskets. Sisal is popularly used by interior decorators and designers. This is because it can be beautifully paired to match any flower, home decor, or season. Available in both retail packaging or in bulk quantities.


  • Beautiful long strands come in a variety of colors!
  • Let your creativity create something truly amazing this season!
  • Great for gift boxes, picnic baskets, or floral arrangements
  • Ideal for scarecrows, dolls, grass skirts, Halloween decorations, harvest, and Thanksgiving center
  • 5 and 10 lbs Bulk Box

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