Green Holiday Gift Guide, Featuring Find Me A Gift

Green Holiday Gift Guide Beneficial Bug House

Green Holiday Gift Guide, Featuring Find Me A Gift

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Green Holiday Gift Guides are a great way to brainstorm gifts for your loved ones that have varying interests and hobbies. This Holiday season we collaborated with Find Me A Gift, to help you find the perfect present for everyone on your list!  Going for sustainably sourced gifts will not only help reduce your ecological footprint, but also make for splendid presents for your close ones. In this blog, we have curated a list of  eco-friendly gifting ideas to inspire you to get the perfect gift. Take a look!


1. Eco-friendly backpacks

One thing many of us would relate to, after the pandemic, is the need to re-embrace the outdoors. And what better way to do that than with sustainable backpacks—trusted companions for your travels around the planet? Most of these are sourced from recycled materials and have green manufacturing processes to help you keep your carbon footprint lower. And they can make for great gifts!

Top brands to choose from –
Solgaard – inbuilt solar panel and power bank
Fjällräven – Wide range from casual to hiking backpacks, 55 color options
Patagonia – 100% recycled backpacks, the biggest charitable program for giving back
Dare to Roam – minimalist, anti-microbial backpacks on a budget

2. Reusable shopping bags

The first step towards reducing your ecological footprint: is giving up on plastic! Did you know? Around 100 billion plastic grocery bags are used in the United States each year out of which only 2% are recycled. There’s a better alternative in the form of eco-friendly shopping bags. You can easily spread the good habit of cutting down on plastic by gifting these reusable shopping bags.
Two of the common materials when it comes to sustainable shopping bags are cotton and canvas.

Top brands to choose from –
ECOBAGS – Women owned and operated 
BAGGU – Designed to minimize waste and increase durability
EcoRight – Zero emissions company 
Colony Co. – Made from organic cotton and beeswax

3. Composting bin

Composting is welcome among many people. Collecting your food scraps in a compost bin can prevent them from ending up in the trash. Composting outdoors can take a fair amount of skill, patience, and knowledge. An indoor compost bin is an easy and innovative way to get started with the habit of composting.
Short of sustainable gift ideas? This is an idea you can immediately put on your Christmas gifting list.

Top brands to choose from –
Utopia – durable, rust and odor-free, one-hand lid operation
Oxo – one-hand mechanism, compact and lightweight, odorless
Uncommon Goods – Ideal for apartments, one-step process, unique design
Full Circle – Minimal cleaning, aeration system, easily repairable

4. Grapevine Planter

The SuperMoss Grapevine Planter is popularly used to create unique Succulents, Orchid, Bromeliads displays. Don’t forget to add SuperMoss. We suggest using Mood Moss or Royal Pool Moss and accents of Reindeer Moss. The Grapevine planter makes an excellent centerpiece especially when decorated with mosses and florals. (Click here for some inspiration)
– Sustainably sourced
– Local California wood

5. Organic cotton sheets

Everyone aspires for a good night’s sleep, right? Other things aside, one factor that heavily contributes to a comfortable sleep is sheets that are natural, safe, and non-toxic. Most of them are made from organic cotton, bamboo, and linen. It goes without saying that they make for sensible and sustainable gifts for people going the green route.

Top brands to choose from –
West Elm – Ideal for stylish, textured, and build-your-own beds
Pact – Organic bedding on a budget, made from organic cotton
Under the Canopy – Wide range of sheet sets made from organic cotton and non-toxic dyes
Avocado – Organic linen, hemp, and superfine sheets

6. SuperMoss Beneficial Bughouse 

Your Pollinators and Beneficial Bugs need a home in your garden! Our Beneficial Bug Houses are a fun and practical addition to your home garden. They are perfect for kids to learn about organic farming, predatory insects, and pollinators. The houses harbor beneficial bugs that keep insects, such as aphids, off our plants. Pollinators use the houses to develop from egg to adulthood, where they can facilitate the reproduction of flowering plants! Help host these essential species right in your garden!

Top styles to choose from – 
Clover – Beneficial Predatory Bugs Keep Smaller Insects off Plants
Tulip – Great Project for Kids
Aster – Pollinators Need a Home in Your Garden!
Iris – Essential for Home & Organic Gardening!

7. Natural, non-toxic candles

You can light up your loved ones’ Christmas a bit differently this year. Candles are always a great gift, but most candles contain paraffin wax. Paraffin wax is a hydrocarbon mixture that negatively impacts the environment. Soy candles burn longer and are environment-friendly as well.

Top brands to choose from –
Made by DWC – Hand-poured soy wax candles with various notes to choose from
P.F. Candle Co. –  Soy, cruelty-free, hand-poured, vegan
Bijou – Non-toxic, lead-free, named after pop culture icons
Slow North – USP: 100% essential oil fragrances, sustainable packaging

Hopefully, this list will inspire you to go green and on your gifting journey.
Happy gifting!

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