DIY Grapevine Planter

DIY Grapevine Planter

DIY Grapevine Planter

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Want to learn how to DIY your own Grapevine Planter? Lucky for you, we have all the methods and tips worked out, and as a bonus, many of the products needed can be found here on our website! With that being said, let’s get crafting 🤩


Here’s what you’ll need to get started:


Step 1: Gather all your materials

Create a plan for the location of each plant along the Grapevine before starting.


Step 2: Mark holes for Plants and Base

After deciding where to place your plants, make small marks on the grapevine for the spots you need to drill. Remember to add marks for where your display legs will go as well! 

Step 3: Drill the holes

Use a drill with a hole-saw attachment to create 2″ diameter openings for the mini ferns.

Tip: You can find a hole-saw attachment at any local hardware store!

Step 4: Fill the Grapevine with Sphagnum Moss

For this next step we are using hydrated Sphagnum Moss to fill the Grapevine Log. Sphagnum Moss is a good soil substitute because it is lighter, keeps moisture for longer, and has great aeration, helping plant roots to grow fast – especially when providing moisture for multiple plants at once! 

Step 5: Mount the Grapevine Log on the display stand

Using the legs of your display stand, stick one post into each hole you dried at the bottom. Finally use your drill with a regular bit this time, and use screws to secure everything in place.

Step 6: Place your plants!

Gently remove the plants from their original pots and place in the holes. Make sure the plant roots are in contact with the Sphagnum Moss. Lastly, remove as much of the original plant soil as needed. 

Step 7: Secure and enhance plants with extra moss

For this step we used on of our SuperMoss Moss Mixes! eUse the moss fill any gaps in between the wood and soil, including around the holes drilled for your plants!

And you’re done!

This is a beautiful and fairly simple DIY that creates the perfect, modern accent for your home!