An Ode to Female Artists

Moss Wall Artist Kate the Earthling

An Ode to Female Artists

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The spotlight is on female artists this month- specifically those in the moss and green wall sector. In honor of Women’s History Month, we want to feature a couple of these mossome women who are doing spectacular things with our niche product! These women are creating everything from business logos to commercial installations, to customized murals and they are doing it with MOSS. I mean you just have to admire the level of artistry and time that goes into creating one of these pieces. Leave it to us women to handcraft (and install) masterpieces with preserved lichen. 

Linnea Bast sits beside one of her stunning moss installations
Linnea Bast of Linnea Botanicals photographed by Nick Mele

What these female artists share in common is not just their use of preserved mosses and botanicals, but their innate love for nature, otherwise known as biophilia. Some refer to them as biophilic artists– whose work inspires the kind of creativity we once thought only the outdoors could provide. This type of art is the breath of fresh air we so need in the middle of a work day.

Here are just a couple female biophilic and moss artists to be inspired by.

Remnants of Nature

Maria Arañes– San Diego, CA– Founder & Artist

Remnants of Nature elevates your home, office space, or special event by transforming ordinary moss into extraordinary art. The biophilic artist behind these incredible feminist pieces is Maria Arañes. She uses wood burning techniques to transfer realistic images onto the wooden canvas prior to bringing it to life with moss. Her art is both unique and requires zero-maintenance!

Moss art, including Betty White Portrait, by Remnants of Nature
By Maria Arañes of Remnants of Nature

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Bloom Works Gardening Co

Chelsea Lefler–Ontario, CA– Moss Artist & Landscape Designer  

Bloom Works is a fine gardening company located in Southwestern, Ontario. Chelsea Lefler is the female artist and owner behind this innovative company. In addition to offering spectacular landscape design services, Chelsea offers interior plantscaping and moss wall art. We love her use of reindeer moss and preserved ferns.

By Chelsea Lefler of Bloom Works Gardening Company

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The Savage Way

Torrie Savage & Paula Bartlett–Charlotte, NC – Clean Graffiti & Moss Artists

Torrie Savage and Paula Bartlett are the female power duo behind The Savage Way. They specialize in moss art and clean graffiti which is truly pushing the line of creativity. Their unmatched Moss Pop Art pieces are retro, vibrant and always on trend. The team creates everything from large installations, to custom logos and portraits.

Iconic moss
Iconic ‘Biggie Smalls’ Moss Art by The Savage Way

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Linnea Botanicals

Linnea Botanicals–Delray Beach, FL – Botanical Artist

Linnea Botanicals is a biophilic design studio that offers custom preserved lichen installation and living vertical walls. Owned by Linnea Bast, a botanical artist and horticulturist. Effortless, organic, and minimalist, Linnea Botanicals is paving the way for the moss art industry– we just love her ability to transition from different hues of green reindeer moss.

Linnea Bast pictured next to her moss pieces
Linnea Bast of Linnea Botanicals photographed by Nick Mele

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Bare614 Plant Art

Brittany Robinson – Columbus, OH – Botanical & Moss Artist

Brittany of Bare614 creates preserved moss, botanical art and miscellaneous oddities . What’s special about Brittany’s work is that everything she creates is made with upcycled components, including the frames and other elements in her work. She is all about the balance of living vs not living, as she strives to give these preserved materials life after “death”, so to speak!

Photo of preserved moss art made with reindeer moss and recycled materials
By Brittany Robinson of BARE614

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Kate the Earthling

Kate Shooltz – Philadelphia, PA – Preserved Moss Wall Artist

Kate Shooltz is a Philadelphia-based green wall and moss artist known as Kate the Earthling. A true representation of biophilic design, Kate’s work incorporates a lush combination of preserved mosses, ferns, and other natural elements. Each of her creations are truly one-of-a-kind, custom designed and handmade by Kate in her Philadelphia art studio. Kate the Earthling creations can be found in residential and commercial spaces all across the United States.

Kate Shooltz of Kate the Earthling

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Moss Pit Designs

Danielle Smith – Austin, TX – Moss Wall Artist & Designer

Moss Pit Designs is a Moss Wall Art and Biophilic Design studio owned by Danielle Smith. We absolutely love how she combines our preserved reindeer mosses with vibrant dried florals. In addition  to moss walls, she creates custom arrangements, hanging planters, and centerpieces.

Danielle Smith poses with her adorable mossy hanging planters
Danielle Smith of Moss Pit Designs

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Heavy Petal Creative

Jasmine Holstein – Vandalia, IL – Botanical & Moss Artist

Heavy Petal Creative is powered by Jasmine, a solo artist who creates custom artwork such as corporate signage, custom mounted decor, moss art, and botanical installations! Her pieces embody a Midwestern feel to them and use a combination of skulls, antlers, preserved mosses, mushrooms and other botanical elements.

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Om Grown: Bring Nature Home

Colleen Kennedy – Fort Collins, CO – Moss Wall Artist

Colleen Kennedy is the CEO and Founder of Om Grown, a moss wall company based in Fort Collins, Colorado. Om Grown pieces never fail to impress. Colleen’s work is so clearly inspired by natural landscapes and we absolutely love that she is not afraid to add a pop of color to her pieces! We were lucky enough to interview Colleen in a showcase article, about a year ago.

Image of a colorful Om Grown Piece, featuring Azul Reindeer Moss
By Colleen Kennedy of Om Grown

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Closing Remarks & A Final Thank You

So this month and every month, we encourage you to support all female artists and makers. They rose up against all odds- being both an artist and a female, in a world where they are so terribly underrepresented. Our job as a community is to support these women who are doing innovative things in the world of modern and biophilic art, to remember them for years to come. 

Whether you are looking to buy a finished moss art piece or just trying to understand what people do with preserved moss– take it from the women artists who are inspiring us every single day. Thank you for showing us what is possible with our products. Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey and as always, we look forward to seeing your next project!   


Quick Ways You Can Support Female Artists 

  1.  Follow their social media accounts
  2.  Like, repost and engage with their content, utilize the power of media to support these artists!
  3. Know someone who would love one of these moss pieces? Share this post with them.



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