Monarch Moss Picks, Set of 2

Monarch Moss Picks, Set of 2

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Elevate your floral designs with a flutter of natural beauty using SuperMoss's Monarch Moss Picks! These creatively crafted picks are a delightful blend of preserved moss and artistry, resembling delicate butterflies. Whether enhancing a garden, a floral arrangement, or an indoor plant setting, SuperMoss Monarch Moss Picks introduce a whimsical touch of nature that captivates the senses. Each pick comes with a durable 18-inch metal stem. Dive into a realm of imagination and nature with SuperMoss's Monarch Moss Picks – the essence of creativity and the spirit of the outdoors, all in one! Also available in Mariposa Butterfly and Heart shapes.


  • Nature’s Aesthetic: Each pick boasts a butterfly design, intricately adorned with SuperMoss’s preserved moss for a true-to-life appearance
  • Versatile Flair: Perfect for garden embellishments, floral arrangements, or indoor plant decor, these picks seamlessly integrate into various settings
  • Preserved Perfection: Crafted using the finest preserved moss, our picks retain their natural vibrancy and texture for longer durations
  • Creative Craftsmanship: Immerse in the world of artistry with our moss picks, each meticulously designed to capture the essence of a butterfly’s beauty
  • Sustainable Choice: In line with SuperMoss’s commitment, our Butterfly Moss Picks are created with eco-friendly practices, ensuring you embrace nature in its purest form