Cholla Wood Air Plant Set

Cholla Wood Air Plant Set

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A beautiful and natural 6-piece air plant and cholla tabletop setting. This set comes with 3 pieces of thick natural cholla wood and 3 assorted live air plants. The cholla wood is approximately 6” and 3” in diameter and the assorted air plants are 2”-3”. We chose 3 special air plants for this design;  Ionantha Lilac, Andrea Green, and Andrea Red for a beautiful spice of color. The air plants sit atop the cholla wood holders for many decorating options and are not glued. Cholla wood is actually a fallen, desert cactus skeleton, which makes each piece a unique expression of nature. This gorgeous set will bring a relaxing feeling to any room. This is a specialty product, shipping may take an additional 2 weeks from the order date. Due to the nature of this product, it is not subject to returns.


  • 6 Piece Live Air plant and Cholla Wood Set
  • This tabletop setting comes with three 6” cholla wood air plant holders and three 2”-3” assorted air plants.
  • Natural and rustic, a gorgeous setting for any room.
  • Air plants are not glued and sit atop the wood for many design options.
  • Bring nature indoors and relax.


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