Arch Trellis

Arch Trellis

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Introducing the SuperMoss Plant Trellis, the perfect blend of style, nature, and functionality. Bring a touch of elegance and charm to your garden or indoor planters with this unique mossy decor. Adorned with a visually stunning natural moss coating, this arch trellis not only supports your climbing plants but also adds an aesthetic appeal. Its design makes it versatile enough to accommodate a variety of plant types and sizes. The SuperMoss Plant Trellis offers three dynamic patterns - Arch, Diamond, and Heart, to beautifully complement any plant and garden style.


  • Naturally Stylish: Each SuperMoss Plant Trellis boasts a stunning mossy surface, bringing a dash of natural beauty to your indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Versatile Designs: Choose from the Enchanting Arch, Captivating Diamond, or Romantic Heart Trellis patterns to fit your taste and complement your plants
  • Sturdy Support: Made with durable materials, this trellis is not just for show. It’s designed to support climbing plants, helping them grow upwards and flourish
  • Easy to Install: The SuperMoss Plant Trellis is designed for easy installation. Simply insert it into the soil and let your plants do the rest
  • Environmentally Friendly: Embracing the ethos of SuperMoss, our plant trellis is crafted with sustainability in mind. It’s made from renewable resources, ensuring your garden remains green in every way