MossWeave Mini Hanging Basket Set of 4, Blond

MossWeave Mini Hanging Basket Set of 4, Blond

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SuperMoss MossWeave Hanging Baskets are of show-stopping beauty and time-tested quality. We individually weave the baskets with our natural Blond Sphagnum Moss. SuperMoss Hanging Baskets are extremely durable and meant for outdoor and garden use. In addition, the baskets maintain their shape through waterings and will not deteriorate for multiple years. Furthermore, they come in four different shapes (round, cone, pyramid, and square).


  • Long-lasting Preserved Moss!
  • Looks beautiful with flowering plants!
  • Strong woven design that will last for years!
  • Naturally absorbent and ideal for hanging plants
  • 12in chains for baskets are included

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