Mini Orchids: Garden Arrangement

Mini Orchids Garden Arrangement

Mini Orchids: Garden Arrangement

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Arrange your orchids like a pro! Take your favorite selection of orchids from a grocery store or nursery and make it look like you went to a professional florist with just a couple of steps.


What you need:

  • For this arrangement, we used 3 orchids
  • One large ceramic pot (or pot of your choice)
  • Discarded plastic packaging for the drainage layer
  • Orchid stakes
  • Raffia Ties
  • Scissors

Step 1: Create a drainage layer using plastic filler or packaging that would likely be discarded. This step makes for a great sustainability tip! This creates a drainage layer between the orchids and the bottom of the pot you choose, letting air flow to the roots and preventing root rot.

orchid arrangment

Step 2: Leave your orchids in their original containers. Set them in their own little spot around the drainage layer. Add as much filler as you need to secure the orchids in their individual places.

orchid arrangement

Step 3: Every bloom has a pretty side 🙂 Now that the planter is lovely and full, adjust the plants to make them look as full and vibrant as possible!

Step 4: Time to introduce some extra support! For this arrangement, we used green wooded stakes which we no longer carry at SuperMoss. If we were to redo this arrangement we would use our SuperMoss Moss Stakes. They are sustainable bamboo stakes covered in the same high-quality green Mountain Moss as our other products

Step 5: Gently tie the orchid stems to the placed stakes. We used small cut pieces of SuperMoss Natural Raffia to secure the blooms. Another good alternative to the Raffia would be Moss Floral Ties or Natural Jute Twine.

Step 6: Tidy up the Stakes and Raffia by trimming the end of your ties!

Step 7: Fill the open spaces of your arrangement with moss! This is our favorite part of the course. The Reindeer Moss enhances the look of your arrangement and aids in holding moisture, providing much-needed humidity for your orchids!

Pro Tip: Don’t place your orchids in direct sunlight or near any drafts/air vents.

Gift your orchid or keep it for yourself!

This beautiful arrangement makes a wonderful Christmas Gift, birthday present, office decor, and more.

Happy Arranging!