Kathy Somers’ Magical Mossy Journey

Kathy Somers Magical Mossy Journey

Kathy Somers’ Magical Mossy Journey

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Welcome to the enchanting world of moss art, where nature meets creativity in the hands of the talented Kathy Somers. In this exclusive SuperMoss artist spotlight, we delve into Kathy’s artistic journey, her creative process, and the heartwarming stories behind her exceptional pieces. Join us as we explore the magic of moss and the passion that fuels Kathy’s imaginative creations.

Chapter 1: The Roots of Creativity

Discover the inspiration behind Kathy’s artistic endeavors. From beautifying her side yard to giving back to the community, delve into the driving forces that led her to become a moss artist. Learn about her unique approach to design and how her creations bring nature’s allure indoors.

S: What inspired you to become an artist?Kathy Somers roots of creativity

K: My desire was to make my side yard beautiful to look at. I like original design and to challenge myself to try new things. This also provided me an avenue to give back to my community. I donate 30% of my sales to three non-profit organizations.

Chapter 2: Crafting Moss Masterpieces

Explore Kathy’s creative process as she transforms ordinary frames and free-standing pieces into extraordinary works of art. Learn about her meticulous techniques, from selecting the perfect moss varieties to integrating other materials, like metal and wood for a contemporary twist. Each piece unveils a profound symbolism and captivating stories that make them truly extraordinary.

S: Could you tell us about your creative process and the techniques you use?

K: I’m always looking for frames and free-standing pieces that catch my eye. If they look good to me without moss, I know they will look great with moss. I cut backings with my power tools and attach them to the piece. The fun begins with laying out the different mosses & colors. Once I’m happy with my design I start gluing. I also like mixing metal with moss for a modern twist & wood and metal together for a mixed medium design.

S: Are there specific themes or messages you aim to convey through your art?Kathy Somers crafting moss masterpieces (1)

K: I have many including bringing nature inside your home or workplace, modern designs, and encouraging words like, Hope, Joy, and Love. I like finding what my customers are excited about and shopping for those things. Hearts, Birds, Butterflies are favorites!

S: Do you have any favorite pieces, and if so, what makes them special to you?

K: Hard question because I have many. My personal favorite is a flower made of metal and wood. The leaves of the flower filled in with chartreuse reindeer moss. I wake up to it every morning.

I also really like a 3-panel rectangular frame that I designed with 3 colors of reindeer moss (forest, chartreuse, white). I used a 45-degree angle to visually connect the three. It’s simple but, modern. I made it for my son-in-law as a surprise birthday present. He loved it!
My signature piece is a metal oak tree in a round distressed wood frame that hangs from a rope. I named it, The Tree of Life. It’s special because it’s my most admired piece.

Kathy Somers crafting moss masterpieces (2)
“The richness I achieve comes from Nature, the source of my inspiration.”
— Claude Monet

Chapter 3: Empowering the Community

Kathy’s talents reach far beyond the confines of her studio. Explore her involvement with community projects, including creating special pieces for schools and churches. Learn how Moss art became her enchanted wand, not just crafting art but also in becoming a beacon for fundraising, and nurturing dreams through scholarships!

S: What are some pieces that are close to your heart?

K: I got the opportunity to create a special piece for my grandson’s kindergarten class. The kids helped me with the finishing touches by bringing an acorn they glued and a piece of moss (with my help). Every child wrote their name on the back of the frame. The sunflower moss art was auctioned off. The fundraiser went to scholarships for his school.

Kathy Somers empowering the community (1)    Kathy Somers empowering the community 2

S: While all your work is truly exceptional, we want to spotlight the ones that hold a special meaning for you. Share the pieces that represent your passion and pride, or truly reflect your artistic journey.

K: I had an opportunity to beautify my church stage for Easter service. They left them up for many months. That made me proud and happy to be a moss artist.

Chapter 4: SuperMoss – Elevating Creativity

In the weaving tale of creativity, Kathy found an invaluable ally in SuperMoss, a mystical entity that breathed life into her artistic visions. Through the twists and turns of her artistic journey, SuperMoss stood steadfast, offering not just moss, but a realm of exceptional customer service.

S: Did you face any challenges prior to discovering the magic of SuperMoss?Kathy Somers SuperMoss elevating creativity

K: Fortunately, I found you at the beginning of my art journey, and my SuperMoss shipped to me quickly with no mistakes.

S: What makes SuperMoss different or stand out?

K: The consistent quality of moss and the excellent customer service. SuperMoss has answered all my questions when I was new, and I could actually speak to a real person.

S: What advice do you have for aspiring artists looking to pursue a similar path?

K: Have fun trying something new. You might surprise yourself how good it turns out.

A note from the Artist

You were created for a purpose, make the most of your life. There is an artist in all of us. Discover yourself and love doing it. Moss art makes wonderful gifts for all ages and genders.

Kathy Somers note from the artist

Stay tuned for more mossy marvels, creative insights, and inspiring stories from SuperMoss artists. Until next time, let the magic of moss continue to enchant your world.

For inquiries, collaborations, or to view Kathy’s latest creations, and locations, connect with her on Instagram @kathysmossart or email her at [email protected] .

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