Jade Plantable Birdhouse

Jade Plantable Birdhouse

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Planting a living garden on the rooftop of this SuperMoss Jade Plantable birdhouse is a simple way to create a unique piece of garden living art.

Choosing the best plants for your project depends on where you are hoping to display your birdhouse and the size of the birdhouse you choose. We have two sizes available to choose from. If you are planning on it indoors, choose a plant that does not need much sunlight or maintenance.

Succulents are a good choice of plants because of their size, drought tolerance, and adaptability. Not to mention the cool factor. They come in so many sizes shapes and interesting colors. The other nice thing about succulents is once the roots are established; you don’t have to worry about watering them often. Simply follow these step-by-step instructions and start creating your own low maintenance masterpiece.

Choose a potting soil or planting medium that is appropriate for the plant you are working with. We chose to work with Sphagnum Moss when planting succulents. It is easy to work with, and holds moisture to keep the roots moist but not over saturated. This helps to make our plantable bird house low maintenance.

1.) Lightly dampen the Sphagnum Moss in a bucket.

2.) Using wire cutters, trim a piece of chicken wire or metal mesh just larger than the plantable opening of your birdhouse roof. This will keep the Sphagnum Moss in place and keep your plants from shifting.

3.) Lightly squeeze any excess water from the moss and fill the roof with moss. Take care to fill the roof completely. It does not need to be packed tight, just filled completely.

4.) Cover the moss roof with your trimmed piece of chicken wire or metal mesh. Tuck the edges of wire in along the roof border to keep the moss in place. Take care to make sure all edges of the wire are tucked in so there are no sharp metal edges poking out.

5.) Begin planting your largest plants. Using the wire cutters cut the chicken wire to make holes large enough for the roots of the succulents and bend the metal down using a screwdriver.

6.) Add the small succulents to fill in the spaces but leaving enough room to grow.

7.) Add Sphagnum Moss if you need to cover roots or any metal edges poking out.

8.) Place your plantable birdhouse in a bright and sunny location for 2 weeks while your plants start to take root.

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