Gift Guide for Plant Lovers and Gardeners

Gift Guide for Plant Lovers and Gardeners

Gift Guide for Plant Lovers and Gardeners

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The Holidays are here! Looking for gift for your fellow green thumb friends? Well you have come to right place. From terrarium kits, to living wreaths, to bughouses- we are your one-stop-shop for holiday gifts for plant lovers and nature lovers alike!

Fern Kits

Our Fern Kit is one of our best-sellers and a staff favorite. It is most commonly used with the epiphytic Staghorn Fern.  Kit includes a natural wood frame and an array of preserved mosses. Mount on your wall indoors or outdoors, depending on your conditions. It is the perfect gift for your houseplant enthusiast friend or family member! Plant not included.

Staghorn Fern Kit

Kokedama Kits

The SuperMoss Kokedama Kit is such a thoughtful gift for plant lovers. Kit includes 6” Kokedama, twine, soil and Preserved Mosses. Not to mention, our talented design team has included easy-to-follow directions and graphics to ensure proper construction.

Kokedama Kit

Orchid Potting Kits

Absolutely the perfect gift for your orchid-loving friends and family! Repotting orchids may seem scary at first, but our kit provides all the tools you need to succeed- including orchid growing mix, Stakes, Clips and Decorative Mosses to top off the plant!

Orchid Potting Kit

Terrarium Kits

Our Terrarium Kits are the perfect gift for plant lovers and crafters alike. Complete with all the materials you need to make a terrarium, including preserved mosses, potting soil, orchid bark and mixed stones. They are available in beautifully designed 32 oz mason jars, as well as varying sizes of display boxes.

Fairy Garden Basket Kits

Perfect gift for the nature-loving youth in your life. Comes with a moss vessel, Preserved Mosses and Deco Bark. Add figurines, live plants, and miniature objects to complete the project.

Sphagnum Moss Living Frame

Our Sphagnum Moss Living Frame is a great gift for succulent enthusiasts, interior designers and crafters! Comes with Sphagnum Moss which is perfect for propagating succulents and other plants. No soil is necessary.

Sphagnum Moss Living Frame

Clover Beneficial Bug House

The perfect gift for the gardener and nature-lover in your family! What is a beautiful garden without a safe-haven for beneficial bugs and pollinators?! Not only will critters love it, but the beautiful design is the perfect edition to a home garden.

Beneficial Bughouse

Jade Plantable Birdhouse

Arguably one of our best products and for good reason! A great gift for crafters and gardeners. Made with stained pinewood, it is a timeless birdhouse that will surely last for years and years. Take it even further and gift it with an array of colorful succulents to plant inside.

Jade Plantable Birdhouse

Leeds Sphere Metal Hanging Baskets

A great gift for gardeners and landscape enthusiasts. Hang on front porch or on patio awning. Looks great with both hanging and flowering plants.

Leeds Sphere Hanging Basket

Heart Living Wreath

Our living wreaths are a thoughtful gift for those who love succulents and crafting! Fill with an array of succulent cuttings and they will begin to propagate in the sphagnum moss. Makes an excellent centerpiece or statement wreath for your front door.

 Happy Gifting! 



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