Colorful Raffia PomPoms

Colorful Raffia PomPoms

Colorful Raffia PomPoms

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Raffia PomPoms are a fun & easy way to add a burst of color to apparel, accessories, gifts, and craft projects. They are quick to make and can be tailored to any occasion by simply choosing different colors!

Raffia PomPoms are great for family or school projects. They make cute bows for presents, Christmas ornaments, fridge magnets, or accents on bags, shoes, headbands, or dresses! Raffia PomPoms are also sure to set your gift apart at weddings, baby showers, or birthdays!

PomPoms are becoming very popular, so we have created a simple step by step guide below.

Instructions Step by Step

Step 1: These are the supplies you will need to make the PomPoms

Step 2: Choose 5 or 6 long strands of colored Raffia

Cut a slit in a 2” wide piece of cardboard.

Step 3: Wrap the Raffia strands around the cardboard over the slit

Step 4: Tightly twist a 5” piece for floral wire around the center of the wrapped Raffia

(This is where the slit in the cardboard comes in handy)

Step 5: Trim the ends off the Raffia to match the size of the bow

Cut the outside loops of the bow on each side, remove from the cardboard.

Step 6: Lightly spray with water to make the Raffia more pliable

Step 7: Twist the ends up to fluff the Raffia into a PomPom ball

Step 8: Glue a decoration in the center to dress it up

(We used beads on a felt circle)

 Step 9: Repeat steps until all your PomPoms are complete

Step 10: Poke the floral wire through the bag to the inside

Step 11: Twist the wire inside the bag to secure tightly

Trim the extra wire.

Step 12:  Enjoy your unique, fun bag!


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