Spring Tulip Barrel Garden

Spring Tulip Barrel Garden

Spring Tulip Barrel Garden

Posted by: Luis Garcia Category: How To's, Plant Styling

Tulip Barrel Gardens are a unique and creative way to display beautiful tulip blooms in any outdoor space, including balconies, patios, and small gardens.

In this blog, we will explore the benefits of using Mountain Moss and Forest Moss for tulip barrel gardens and provide you with tips and tricks for creating your very own tulip barrel garden.

Here’s what you need to get started:


Step 1: 1. Place the Mountain Moss Bale in a bucket and soak with water.

Place the Mountain Moss Bale inside the bucket and slowly pour water over it, making sure to soak it thoroughly. This will help to rehydrate the moss and prepare it for use in your gardening or landscaping project. It is important to ensure that the moss is completely saturated with water before use, as this will help it to retain moisture and provide a healthy growing environment for your plants.


Step 2: Break apart until the fibers are loose and Fluffy.

Use your hands to gently pull apart the fibers of the moss, separating them until they become loose and fluffy. This process will help to create a more even and consistent texture throughout the moss, making it easier to work with and ensuring that it provides an optimal growing environment for your plants.


Step 3: Allow the Moss bale to expand to 3 times its volume. Then drain any excess water.

Once the moss has fully expanded, it is important to drain any excess water. You can do this by pressing down on the moss with your hands to squeeze out the excess moisture.
Removing any excess water from the moss is crucial as it helps to prevent waterlogging and creates a more balanced growing environment for your plants. Once you have drained the excess water from the moss, it is ready to be used in your gardening or landscaping project as a natural, sustainable growing medium.


Step 4: Make the DIY Bulb Mixture. In a separate bucket mix 1/3 Mountain Moss, 1/3 Potting Soil, and 1/3 Pumice or Perlite.

Make the DIY Bulb Mixture. In a separate bucket mix 1/3 Mountain Moss, 1/3 Potting Soil, and 1/3 Pumice or Perlite. To create a high-quality growing medium for your plants, you will need to mix together the Mountain Moss with some potting soil and either perlite or pumice. Start by filling a separate bucket with equal parts of each ingredient.

Mix the ingredients together thoroughly, ensuring that they are evenly distributed throughout the mixture. The Mountain Moss will provide a natural and organic base for the growing medium, while the potting soil will provide essential nutrients and support for your plants. The perlite or pumice will help to improve drainage and aeration, creating a healthy environment for your plants to grow and thrive.


Step 5: Add garden soil to your barrel and dig holes 4-6″ deep and 4-8″ apart.

Fill the barrel with the Garden Soil, leaving enough space at the top to allow for watering and plant growth.

Next, use a small shovel or trowel to dig holes in the soil, approximately 4-6 inches deep and 4-8 inches apart. Be sure to space your bulbs evenly to ensure that they have enough room to grow and access the nutrients they need to thrive.


Step 6: Place the Bulbs in the holes with the ends pointed up.

To plant the bulbs, place them in the holes with the pointed end facing up and the rounded end facing down. This will ensure that the roots grow downward and the stem and leaves grow upward toward the sunlight.


Step 7: Add the DIY Bulb mixture from Step 4 around the bulbs and cover with more Garden Soil.

Gently fill the holes with the mixture, making sure to cover the bulbs completely. Once you have added the growing medium mixture, cover the top with a layer of garden soil, which will help to retain moisture and provide additional nutrients to your plants.


Step 8: Add preserved Forest Moss.

Once your plants have started to grow and produce their first blooms, you can add a finishing touch to your barrel garden by adding forest moss.


Pro Tip:

  1. Forest moss not only enhances the visual appeal of your barrel garden, but it also provides additional benefits to your plants. The moss helps to retain moisture and regulate soil temperature, which can promote healthy growth and reduce the risk of plant stress or damage.
  2. After blooming, dig up the tulip bulbs once the foliage has withered and died back. Clean off the soil and discard any damaged bulbs. Label the remaining bulbs and let them dry completely to store the bulbs in nets or paper bags in a cool, dark place until it’s time to replant them in the fall.


Place your barrels where they’ll get lots of sun, and enjoy your beautiful Spring Tulip Garden.