DIY Kokedama with Sheet Moss

DIY Kokedama with Sheet Moss

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Amaryllis bulbs bloom some of the most beautiful wintertime flowers! Using hydrating mosses like Sheet Moss and Sphagnum Moss, helps to keep your humidity levels steady during the cooler months! Here’s how to DIY the perfect Sheet Moss Kokedama housing for your flowers ✿

What you need:

Optional products:

Step 1:

Set some of your Sphagnum Moss in your tray or bowl. Take a small canister or spray bottle to rehydrate your moss. Next, open your bag of Sheet Moss and find the perfect piece of moss to fit fully around your Amaryllis bulb.

Step 2:

Add your moist Sphagnum Moss to the center of your Sheet Moss piece. Then, set your bulb onto the Sphagnum Moss.

Step 3:

Now, this step can get a little tricky! Try to grab the sides of the moss and completely envelop the bulb. Try to use one hand to hold the corners together at the top, leaving the other hand free for the following step!

Step 4:

Using your SuperMoss Moss Floral Wire, continuously wrap the wire around your bulb. This will help maintain and hold the Sheet Moss wrapped around your bulb.

Step 5:

Once you are satisfied with the structure of your Kokedama, give the floral wire a good clipping. Tuck the end into the moss and squeeze the wrapping nicely to secure it.

Optional Step:

To take our presentation one step further, we used tall glass vases to house our Amaryllis Kokedamas. For this, we used Brown Aspen Wood Excelsior, Pine Cones, and artificial holly berries to give the arrangement some holiday flare!


Pro Tip:

When it is time to “water” your Amaryllis, use a shallow bowl of water and sit the bottom of the Kokedama in it. Let soak for a minute and return the Kokedama back where you had it.