Indoor LED Herb Garden

Indoor LED Herb Garden

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Grow Big. Go Home.

Grow herbs, veggies or almost any plant in the comfort of your home with the SuperMoss Indoor Herb Garden. Thanks to our compact tabletop grow lights, you can now grow herbs indoors, as well as any high-light plant you can think of. Made with hardwood, this traditional design is intended to compliment just about any kitchen style. So look no further than your kitchen counter for fresh homegrown vegetables and herbs!

LED Grow Lights

Thanks to the power of LED grow lights, you can easily grow herbs indoors! Our grow kit features LED grow lights, which are the optimal choice to sustain plant growth. LED lights are also highly efficient and use significantly less power than fluorescent light bulbs. Not to mention, LED grow lights allow for a controlled environment, making it ideal for monitoring seedling and plant growth.

Ideal for Small Spaces

Our compact Indoor Herb Garden is ideal for apartments and small spaces. Even use the top tray as a storage shelf for kitchen items, fruits bowls or more potted plants. Or, stack two grow boxes on top of another to create your own indoor grow center.

Fresh Food Anytime

There is no excuse for a plate without vegetables! Whether it’s the growing season or the middle of winter, fresh produce is guaranteed with our Indoor Herb Garden! Not only is the lifespan of herbs extended, but you can truly taste the difference of fresh herbs compared to store bought ones.

Seed Starting

Starting seeds indoors is a great way to get a head start on the grow season. With our tabletop grow lights, you can keep seedlings safe from freezing temperatures, lack of humidity and pests in the early growing stages.

Veggies & Herbs

Don't have enough sunlight or space for a vegetable garden? We've got you covered. Believe it or not, you do not need to have a large backyard to maintain a home garden—most veggies and herbs will do just fine indoors under LED grow lights. Our built-in timer and light intensity settings system takes the guesswork out of determining optimal sunlight for growing.

Flowering Plants, Succulents & Houseplants

Our grow kit is not just for herbs and veggies! You can now grow flowers, succulents and other sun-loving plants in a low light setting. Have you ever tried using a grow light for indoor plants? Watch your leggy succulents and vining plants fill out with a little bit of added light. Have a variegated houseplant and low light conditions? Keep it from reverting back to its original form with our tabletop grow lights.


  • Easy Set Up
  • Stackable
  • Complete with 2 LED panels
  • Built in Timer
  • Made with Hardwood
  • Dimensions: 25.25” x 12.25” x 12”