Reindeer SuperMoss Frames

Reindeer SuperMoss Frames

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Add a piece of the outdoors to your home decor with our Reindeer Moss Frames! They are available in over 23 colors, allowing you to select the tone that best complements your personality and home decor.  Best of all – they require little to no maintenance at all - No water, no sunlight and no hassle!

What is Biophilic Design?

A way for homeowners to connect nature with design elements, such as moss walls, houseplants and aquariums! Biophilic Design… 
  • Seeks to recreate the comfort of nature that we are neglecting for most of our lives! 
  • Reduces stress, improves productivity, boosts creativity and reduces noise levels
Join the Biophilic Design movement with SuperMoss Frames! 

Display Suggestions

  • Mount on the wall with included hardware
  • Add to an existing gallery way
  • Prop up against shelves or furniture for a more casual look (renter-friendly option)

Care Instructions & Cleaning

  • Moss is preserved, meaning it is no longer living
  • No water is necessary
  • Refrain from exposure to direct sunlight 
  • Dust occasionally with compressed air 
  • Keep away from heat sources
  • Avoid exposure to AC/HV 

Shipping Info

  • Shipped out California Distribution Center 
  • Wrapped with care for shipping 
  • At this time we cannot offer returns for our Reindeer Moss Frames