Royal Pool SuperMoss Frames

Royal Pool SuperMoss Frames



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Our Royal Pool Moss Frames are lush and vibrant, leaving your home feeling refreshed and revitalized! Made with 100% real moss – so lush you’ll want to touch it! Better yet, moss art is known to ease stress and lift your spirits! With SuperMoss Frames you can recreate the comfort of nature in your home.  Display Ideas
  • Mount on the wall
  • Alongside potted plants
  • Place above a fireplace
Care Instructions & Cleaning
  • Made with preserved moss — no longer a living plant 
  • No watering is required 
  • Keep out of direct sunlight
  • Dust occasionally
  • Avoid placing by heat sources
  • Avoid AC/HV exposure 
Shipping Info
  • Shipped out California Distribution Center
  • Wrapped with care for shipping
  • At this time, we cannot offer returns for SuperMoss Frames