Shack Vine Roof Deco Birdhouse

Shack Vine Roof Deco Birdhouse

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SuperMoss Deco Moss Birdhouses are uniquely made just like our Deco Basket Line. They are each individually constructed and made from our vibrant green Mountain Moss and wicker. Both are natural nesting materials for birds so they can truly feel at home! For consistent outdoor use, we recommend our Woven Birdhouses, which last season after season.
Care Instructions:
Keep out of direct sunlight in order to preserve the Mountain Moss exterior. Ensure your birdhouse does not become waterlogged. If you notice water or ice accumulating, bring it inside and allow it to dry before putting it back outside. Protect from wind by positioning the birdhouse in a location that provides some protection from the wind. Periodically check and clean the birdhouse to remove any debris, old birdseed, or accumulation. If possible, position the birdhouse near natural shelter, such as trees or shrubs. This can provide additional protection from harsh weather elements as well as give visitors that extra layer of safety and comfort. And finally, enjoy!


  • Welcome your feathered friends with a deco moss birdhouse!
  • Made with Beautiful SuperMoss Mountain Moss
  • Natural Nesting Material for Birds
  • Recommended indoors
  • Dimensions: 6″ x 8″

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Customer Reviews

  1. 5 out of 5

    I received this for Mother’s Day and I am in love with it!!! It is so cool ❤️


  2. 5 out of 5

    I love this bird house.
    Would I be able to safely place this in my snakes terrarium? Is this moss safe for reptiles?


    • Hi Brittnay,

      Thank you for the feedback!

      We have a lot of customers that use these for Reptiles. The moss is safe although we don’t recommend ingesting any foreign material and feeding in a separate environment. Always check the inside of the birdhouse for any spikey objects or twigs since snakes will curl up inside.

      Johnathan Dolev

  3. 4 out of 5

    This is super cute!

    Do I need to water it?


    • Thanks Debbie, no watering necessary!

      Johnathan Dolev

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