Orchid Potting Mix, Natural, 4qt. Zip Bag

Orchid Potting Mix, Natural, 4qt. Zip Bag

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SuperMoss Orchid Potting Mix is a custom blend of natural Douglas-fir tree bark, organic moss & river sand. We designed this blend specifically for the needs of wholesale orchid growers in California. Its pH makes it an ideal potting medium for orchids. It allows for great oxygenation and drainage of water so that the orchid's roots have constant access to both water and oxygen. This mimics an orchid's natural environment and helps them grow to its full potential. Available in attractive retail packaging or in bulk quantities.


  • Organic and Sustainable Douglas Fir Bark, Moss & River Sand
  • 100% natural and organic
  • Highly absorbent and ideal for orchids
  • Great for use in floral & craft projects
  • Not heat treated or baked

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Customer Reviews

  1. 2 out of 5

    I purchased a 4 quart bag of orchid potting mix from SuperMoss. The product was shipped from their operation in Macon, Georgia to my nursery in Grangeville, Idaho via FedEx dog slide route across the southern United States to Los Angeles, CA to Northern California to Troutdale, Oregon to Lewiston, Idaho and finally to me. Total time to deliver product ordered was 9 days and the product had travelled approximately 1,400 miles further than if it had been shipped via UPS. SuperMoss says their shipping point is Santa Barbara, CA, not Macon, GA. What gives? Had I been told up front this product was being shipped via FedEx from Georgia I would never have ordered from SuperMoss. Our local UPS store said if they had shipped the product from Georgia it’s delivery time would have been 4-5 day, on time. If the product had been shipped via UPS from Santa Barbara it would have been to me in 3 days. Morale of the story, make sure when you order off the internet you know where your order is really coming from especially if delivery is time sensitive. Even though SuperMoss paid the freight they and FedEx cost me a good customer. SuperMoss won’t get anymore of my business. I never use FedEx to ship anything I need to arrive on time.

    Sonny Drew

    • Hi Sonny,

      We apologize for any confusion. Santa Barbara, CA is our office location and where the founder had started his business. We now rely on 3 DCs across the country (Santa Paula, CA | Reading, PA | Thomaston, GA). Each location tries to serve the needs of the local demand, however the other DCs are in support if one does not have the product.

      We work with many, many customers that have sensitive deadlines and so we are very accommodating where we can be.

      If another opportunity arises in the future with a similar deadline, please call or email us and I’m sure you’ll be impressed with how quickly we help our West Coast customers.

      Johnathan Dolev

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