Blond Sphagnum Moss Pole

Blond Sphagnum Moss Pole

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In nature many forest plants achieve lush growth by climbing along tree trunks and attaching their roots to moss-covered bark. SuperMoss Moss Pole uses naturally absorbent Sphagnum Moss around a support pole that helps aerial roots take hold and creates an ideal habitat for many climbing and upright plants. It's the next best thing to growing plants in a forest! The SuperMoss Pole includes metal pins to easily secure the branches and foliage. This natural plant support comes in four different sizes and two naturally preserved colors. Available in SuperMoss retail packaging or in bulk quantities.


  • Great for vase fillers or plant stakes!
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Naturally absorbent support pole
  • Moss Pole in a variety of sizes
  • Includes metal pins to easily secure the branches and foliage
  • It’s the next best thing to grow plants in a forest!