How To Make a Succulent Wreath

How To Make a Succulent Wreath

How To Make a Succulent Wreath

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Grab a loved one or a friend and make a succulent wreath. This project is perfect for crafters and plant-lovers alike. Start with just a couple succulents and let your wreath fill out over time.

Our Living Wreath is most compatible with succulents. In addition to their vibrant color, succulents’ versatility makes them a great match for vertical living. They are used indoor and outdoor for growing in dry, arid climates — meaning they can survive with little water.

Not to mention, succulents actually love growing in Sphagnum. Just wait a couple weeks and they will latch right on and then multiply and multiply!  How cool is that? Who said plant care had to be hard?!

Step 1: Gather all your materials

  1. SuperMoss Living Wreath 
  2. Succulent Clippings
  3. Preserved Mosses (for decorating)
  4. Pencil or dowel
  5. Bucket or Tray
  6. Water
  7. Floral Pins (optional)

all the materials needed for a succulent wreath

Step 2: Soak your wreath in water

Start by soaking your wreath in water. Upon doing this,  the wreath should change from a light blonde color to a darker beige.

Pro Tip:  Use a shallow container, like a large plant saucer — this way the wreath easily flips over like a pancake . 🙂

Step 3: Gather your succulents

There are 2 ways we recommend gathering succulents for this project:

  1.  Succulent clippings via Stem Cuttings – Do this by removing rosettes from existing succulents, just make sure to leave 2-3 inches of the stem. You can ask your neighbors or friends for clippings if you do not own any succulents!
  2. Succulent Arrangement – Support your local nursery or gift shop and buy a made succulent arrangement. Made by the floral pros, showcasing a striking array of vibrant succulents of differing shapes and sizes. Simply cut the rosette and stems from the arrangement (repeat from previous method). store the nice planter away, next time you need to repot a plant!

Pro Tip: Since you do not need the soil and root ball, it is way more efficient to grab some succulent clippings rather than buying a full plant with the soil intact.

placing succulent on wreath

Step 4: Snip the succulent stems

Make sure to leave roughly 1 to 2 inches of the stem.

cutting succulent stems

Step 5: Poke holes and place succulents

We recommend starting with the largest succulents and then placing the smaller ones in the empty spaces.

Consider poking a hole,  placing a succulent in, poking a hole… and so on . This way you don’t have to estimate the size of each succulent.

Pro Tip: Use different size dowels, like a pencil and a thicker bamboo stake — for stems of differing widths.

poking holes for the succulents
close up placing succulents
placing succulents on wreath

Step 6: Decorate your succulent wreath with mosses!

Use our preserved moss as a floral accent for your Living Wreath. We chose Reindeer Moss in Fuschia, Apple and Pink, as well as Spanish Moss in Violet which matched the color combination of our succulents.

Pro Tip: You can secure moss onto a wreath with floral pins or a thin string

decorating wreath with reindeer moss

Step 7: Lay your succulent wreath flat for 4-8 weeks

For best results, lay your wreath flat on a surface in a place that receives indirect natural sunlight.

This will allow succulents to propagate (grow roots from the stems) in the sphagnum. Over time their roots will grow stronger, and can tolerate the transition to growing vertically.

After giving your succulents time to acclimate to their new home, your wreath is ready to be hung!

Laying wreath on a flat surface

Succulent Wreath Care Tips


Make sure your Succulent Wreath receives bright indirect sunlight. If possible, try to mimic the same environment the succulents were previously growing in.

Note: Without enough sunlight — your beautiful succulents will become leggy, as they reach for the sun. This term refers to a succulent with an overly long stem.


When it’s time to water, simply remove your wreath from the wall and mist generously with a spray bottle. Then hang back up in 1-2 hours, once it has dried.

When to Water? When Sphagnum base is completely dry and leaves of succulents begin to wilt

Your climate, as well as the placement in your home will ultimately determine how often it needs to be watered. If your wreath is receiving stronger, direct sunlight outside — then consider watering more often


Remove old and decayed leaves by gently twisting the base of the leaf back and forth.

If succulents begin to outgrow your wreath, you can simply cut them back and use them for another project!

hanging succulent wreath

Closing Remarks

This is such a fun and simple DIY project. Perfect activity for a night-in with your partner or a girls’ night!!

Be sure to tag us in your Living Wreath creations on Instagram! There is nothing more exciting to us than seeing our products in action and the story behind your process.

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Happy Crafting!



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