Air Plant Display: 10 Unique Ideas

Air Plant Display

Air Plant Display: 10 Unique Ideas

Posted by: Shamanta Cruz Category: Plant Styling, Plant Talk

Air Plants, or Tillandsias, are a great way to add some greenery to your space. They are cherished by both florists and designers, as they offer a modern and natural touch to your interior design. Air plant display can be quite simple because they do not require a soil medium to grow. Instead, air plants absorb nutrients from the air around them. Hang them in glass ornamentals from your ceiling or simply display them on a bookshelf.

Not to mention, Mosses pair well with air plants! Place your air plants on a bed of moss, either in a terrarium or a ceramic bow, and mist the moss every couple of days. This will provide your air plants with added humidity if you live in a dry climate.

Below are 10 examples of how you can display your air plants:

1. Cholla Wood

We find that air plants look best when displayed on objects that mimic their native habitat. For example, placing air plants on Cholla Wood is a great way to mimic the semi-arid habitat of many species. Display air plants on these decorative woods with some Reindeer Moss or Forest Moss to give off a sort of desert-oasis feel.

air plants on cholla wood


2. Moss Wall Displays

This is such a unique and modern way to display your air plants. Moss Walls and living are excellent modes of biophilic design, as they offer a way to bring the outside world indoors. Use them ask desk dividers in your office or even mount them on the wall, just make sure to keep it out of direct sunlight. Mist the moss from time to time in order to keep it looking fresh.

reindeer moss wall and air plants

3. Glass Vessels

Repurpose glass bottles into an air plant display vessel! For ours, we filled the bottles with Soft Glass Pebbles and Sea Glass. Then, we added a small amount of White Reindeer Moss to the opening of the bottles. We then rested the air plant on top of the moss. If your environment is on the drier side, you can add a bit of water to the glass bottle. As the water begins to evaporate, the added moisture will provide your plant with some much-needed humidity.

air plants display in glass bottles

4. Grapevine Wreaths

Grapevine Wreaths work great for air plant display, especially during the holidays! Just place the air plants in the center of the wreath and decorate with preserved eucalyptus and other dried botanicals.

air plants displayed on grapevine wreath

5. Ceramics

Ceramics pair well with air plants. You can display multiple plants in a bowl or a single plant in a ceramic mug. This looks great with medium to large Xerographicas or other spiraling air plants, like the Tillandsia Tectorum Ecuador.

air plants in ceramics

6. Mossy Bark Displays

Anything moss-related pairs well with air plants. Think back to their natural habitat- they are commonly found attached to trees or rocks.

Try displaying your air plants on SuperMoss Moss Bark!

air plants displayed on bark

7. Stone Planters

Air plants look great displayed in our Volcanic Stone Planters! You can layer it with Sea Glass or Reindeer Moss and place a couple of air plants on top. Or see how we arranged the air plants alongside some Moss Balls in the volcanic planter. Use this as a modern centerpiece or a display on a bookshelf or countertop.

air plants in volcanic stone planter

8. Hanging Glass Teardrop

This is such a fun way to display your air plants! You can make a mini terrarium in the teardrop, or you can simply place the air plant on its lonesome. Hang them from the ceiling or even hang them on your Christmas tree this year. They look great just about anywhere.

The below image was constructed using our Beach Terrarium Kit 

hanging air plant vessel


9. Open Terrariums

Terrariums pair well with air plants! The glass will keep the moisture inside the vessel, which will increase the humidity levels for your air plant. This works great for “mesic air plants”, which require higher humidity levels and more frequent waterings. Keep in mind if you decide to display your air plant in a terrarium, make sure the vessel has an opening so that your air plant getting adequate air flow.

See our blog post on mesic vs. xeric air plants!

air plant in open terrarium

10. Houseplant Companions!

Air plants pair well with houseplants. After all, latching onto other trees in plants is how they grow in nature. Not to mention grouping your air plants amongst other plants will increase the humidity levels. This can also provide some filtered sunlight if your air plants are getting scorched by the afternoon sunlight. No need to plant their roots in the soil, just place on top of the base of the plant or latch it onto the branches.

air plants amongst houseplants

Happy Growing!