Holiday Tablescape Featuring SuperMoss Products

SuperMoss Thanksgiving Holiday Tablescape

Holiday Tablescape Featuring SuperMoss Products

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This season colorful tablescapes with natural elements are all the rage. We wanted to use this trend to inspire our crafters, makers, and lovers of all things SuperMoss, to push the boundaries of their holiday table decor. Bringing elements of nature into your space brings a sense of calm and connection, the perfect duo for any holiday dinner!


Here is a great overall of the tabletop. We went for a rich color palette featuring lots of textures and jewel tones. Building out from the center, we started with a bed of our beautiful preserved Eucalyptus Bundle topped with a large piece of our Grapevine Branch wood. To fill the gaps we grabbed some fresh flowers and deep Wine colored Reindeer Moss.



We took this opportunity to showcase a variety of Pine Cones we offer here at SuperMoss. These festive cones include our Coulter Pine Cones, Jeffery Pine Cones, and Mini Redwood Pine Cones.



No matter what the occasion, making a special floral arrangement, or laying out a beautiful table, SuperMoss will always elevate the space. Furthermore, bringing an essence of the outdoors in connecting people, grounding them in the present experience.


Happy hosting and happy holidays from SuperMoss!