Staying Grounded in LA with Mia Palma

Staying Grounded in LA with Mia Palma

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Q: Tell us a little about yourself and your journey to where you are now.

A: “My name is Mia Palma, I’m a botanical artist from Los Angeles and have been working with plants and moss for about 5 years now. I received my AA in Visual Communications at FIDM in 2019 and since then have used my education to really dive into my art! I created my business, grounded LA, LLC in 2022 for my moss art and walls.”

Q: What inspired you to become an artist? What are your passions?

A: “Since I was a kid I knew I needed to do something creative with my life. I come from a family of musicians and I was always given the space to be exactly who I needed to be, whatever that meant! I think part of my passion in this life is to help build a world where everyone is able to live this way.” 

Q: Could you tell us about your creative process and the techniques you use?

A: “I will only do a sketch of a piece if a client specifically asks for it. Most of the time I create based off of what feels right in the moment— like a meditation. I usually will prep my moss by trimming, dusting off any dirt, and then I use hot glue and greening pins to secure the moss. Depending on the types of moss I use I will add extra dye to achieve the colors I’m looking for.”

Q: Who was the project for and what was the intention? Any feedback or unexpected results?

A: Most of my clients that I’ve worked with in the past have been for interior design companies and residential properties, i.e. the latest big piece (see left) is for the lobby of a condominium complex in Brentwood in LA.

Q: Are there specific themes or messages you aim to convey through your art?

A: “Meditation, spirituality, yoga, dance, things of the like are what center me and help me grow. With grounded, I want viewers to see my art and feel a sense of peace. Life can be so overwhelming at times and I truly believe if we all took time to ground and feel into our bodies more often we would live in a better world. My art seeks to hold that space for the viewer if even just for a moment.” 

Q: What advice do you have for those looking to use moss in their art, or any other advice that comes to mind?

A: “For anyone looking to use moss, remember it’s a natural material. You need to work with it as if you’re working with nature itself. Be mindful; it gets messy! Lots of dirt at times and pine needles. Wear gloves if you have sensitive hands. One thing I like to say is it’s not like paint where you create something from scratch. You’re manipulating something that already exists and so in my opinion you have to be gentle so as to not break it!”

Q: Contact details for those wishing to reach out to you?

A: “My instagram is @grounded.la and if you’d like to send an email inquiry, [email protected] is where you can reach me. I want to grow more of a creative community, so feel free to DM me!” 

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