Moss Vine Preserved, Green, 60ft

Moss Vine Preserved, Green, 60ft

Moss Vine Preserved, Green, 60ft

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SuperMoss MossVine is our trademarked creation that is as versitile as any of our mosses. It is made from our beautifully preserved green Mountain Moss and durably designed to last. Our MossVine is a fun mossy garland that can be hung, wrapped, coiled, or bent into any shape imaginable! It looks great wrapped around centerpieces, floral arrangements, plant pots, or hanging basket chains. Use it to fasten flowers to together or to poles, and if you’re feeling really ambitious try weaving your own basket! SuperMoss MossVine adds a natural element to metal racks or chains in the home or garden. It is easy to work with and manipulate into or around any form.


  • Long-lasting Preserved Moss!
  • Dress up ironwork, centerpieces, or outdoor settings
  • Bendable and Easy to Shape
  • Try with Topiaries & Obelisks!
  • Great for Special Events, Home Décor, and Craft Projects

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