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Reindeer Moss Preserved

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  • Long-lasting Preserved Moss!

  • Lovely soft and spongy texture

  • Washed and Cleaned to Remove Dust and Small Particles

  • Ideal for Covering Soil and Dressing Potted Plants

  • Great for Special Events, Home Décor, and Craft Projects

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SuperMoss Reindeer Moss is one of our top selling mosses for floral décor. It adds natural accents to any floral arrangement. Choose from a variety of lush colors and pair your moss perfectly with your flowers' natural colors to give them true definition. Reindeer Moss has a fresh, soft, and spongy feel. Simple and fun to use, it is a true pleasure to work with and rest assured that it's beautiful color won't fade! Available in SuperMoss retail packaging or in bulk quantities.
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Soft moss, went a long way

I bought this to complete 25 wedding centerpieces that had red manzanita branches cemented into satin gold wooden boxes that measured 5.75"x5.75". To conceal the cement, we hot glued the moss on the cement. The preserved moss withstood the hot glue, was easy to blend seamlessly to each other, and was easy to trim. About smell: it smelled like fresh dug dirt- very earthy. It felt soft and fresh even though it was preserved- so soft I was tempted to glue it on my pillows. The bright green color was consistent throughout and really looked great with the satin gold wood and dark red branches with white flowers. Be warned there are small sharp twigs caught in the moss that could possibly become splinters in your hand. But there is so much moss to go around! Do not be fooled by the weight! After 25 centerpieces, we have a little less than half the box still remaining.

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