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The Supermoss Staff is Excellent

The SuperMoss staff is always very helpful and friendly; the sales team calls me to check in with me periodically so I never have to worry about running out of inventory. I love the products and rely on them to support our business. SuperMoss offers the utmost top quality and at great prices, which is why we continue to be a loyal customer since 2007.


SuperMoss is Fantastic!!!

SuperMoss helped us set up our line of mosses and baskets in our nursery and we can't keep the products on display because our customers keep snatching them up! Their products do so well in our store; we really appreciate the team's dedication to delivering new products every year. Also, the company's employees are very knowledgeable about the product and friendly to work with. We buy from two distributors in our area, but every interaction we've had with SuperMoss has been great!


We Love Supermoss!

Craft Warehouse has used SuperMoss for several years. With the recent increase in demand for moss we asked Super Moss to help us expand our offering. Sales have been fantastic. The quality of the product is always spot on from the cleanliness of the product to the colors of the moss and the crisp packaging. The same goes for their raffia program. The turnaround on orders is quick and complete. I know it sounds like a commercial but this has been our experience.


Thank You Supermoss!

When we decided to expand our Lawn and Garden business selections, it became immediately apparent that we needed to develop sustainable and meaningful partnerships with unique vendors. Naturally, we were drawn to SuperMoss' distinctive and expansive product offering. Having worked with SuperMoss in the past, we were aware of the strong retail market demand and the overwhelming endorsement of our customers to feature this product line. We believe our customers can forge a competitive advantage by supporting the SuperMoss brand. Not only is their merchandise superior and effortless to sell but their dedication to customer service is impeccable. It is always a pleasure to do business with SuperMoss, and we look forward to continuing and expanding our relationship in the future.


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