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About SuperMoss

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About SuperMoss

SuperMoss is the leading manufacturer and supplier of moss and moss decorative items in the lawn & garden, floral, and craft markets. Our business has been headquartered in Santa Barbara, California for 22 years with distribution centers in Reading, PA and Santa Paula, CA. SuperMoss continually works toward robust logistics and detailed customer service to ensure our clients the highest fulfillment rates.

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SuperMoss is the leading manufacturer & supplier of moss and moss decorative.

Our company focuses on delivering premium garden and botanical products. We take special care to work with the finest materials and spend the time sieving, washing, and cleaning our products so that it is 100% usable for our designers and customers. We pride ourselves on the care we put into our mosses, cleaning and preserving them to ensure consistent, long-lasting beauty.

From mosses to hanging baskets to soils and iron work, SuperMoss continues to lead the decorative gardening category. Our newest products illustrate our dedication to product development, quality and continuous improvement. Our mission is simple: to provide an excellent product line with beautiful presentation and impeccable service to our customers.

Creating a SuperMoss account and logging in allows you see prices and photos of our five major product lines: Top Dressings, Deco Baskets, Hanging Baskets, Sustainable Soils, and Orchid & Floral items. Moss and Top Dressings are our foundation; they are the reason we have open two facilities and kept thousands of customers happy for years. Our Deco Baskets are strong sellers across the trendiest markets from food markets to garden centers. The MossWeave Hanging Baskets are the freshest item around, uniquely woven from our own MossVine and built to last through the seasons. Our new Cocopeat Soils are a company innovation with unparalleled potential for the trade.

SuperMoss is always mindful of our planet and our customers

SuperMoss is GRAS, non-toxic and sustainably procured. We take great care to partner only with companies that make environmental responsibility a priority. Furthermore, we are a 1% For The Planet member, which means we donate 1% of company sales.

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